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Laboratory and Diagnostics


At Sesser Animal Hospital, our veterinarians utilize advanced technology to help aid them in the diagnosis of many medical conditions. Our diagnostic equipment includes:

Radiology (X-Rays). Radiology, or x-ray, is an effective imaging tool used to diagnose a variety of conditions in your dog or cat including orthopedic abnormalities, intestinal obstructions, or organ enlargement, as well as many other vital uses. It is also used for staging heart disease. X-rays are performed, processed and interpreted while you wait so your veterinarian can discuss treatment options with you quickly.

In-House Laboratory. Our in-house laboratory allows most screening tests to be completed within a very short period of time. Routine fecal screenings, urinalysis, heartworm tests, complete blood counts, pre-surgical screenings and blood chemistry profiles are among the many tests where results are available very quickly. Reliable independent veterinary laboratories are utilized when deemed appropriate.